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Succesful Treatment for many IVF. Miscarriages

Healthy Young Couple IVF 4 Times

A young couple married for three years and looking forward to have a family. They both healthy according the doctors and gynaecological examinations. They had try every possible tests and treatment including naturopath and three IVF programs, but still no luck.

By a chance to come to see Min for her stressful neck. Min spent a minute check her over and found that her stomach acid is way too high, which is possible affecting the sperms activity and fertilized egg development. The day she came was the 4th days after her 4th IVF implant, she thought the chance to get pregnant was unlikely happen. Min’s diet advices and herbs and advises instantly lower down her acid level. With her cooperation, she succeeds at once.

Have a 5yrs old child but failed after

Allen’s family has a 5 years old child. but eversince, Mrs has had naturally fell pregnant four times but all miscarriage in 3-5 weeks time. Every time went to the Specialist in Wickham Tce all she got told was “the baby hart beat is not there, come back in 2 weeks time and gets clean up for you”.
The forth was no different. Cameback from the doctor on Friday, Mrs Allen cannot sleep, she had a dream, telling her: you have Chinese blood, go to see a Chinese Doctor! Wakeup Saturday morning, she call her mother overseas, found their ancesstery from china many generations ago. She believe her dream truely and pickup the phone and visit Min’s clinic straigh away.

That was a Saturday morning in November, 34C. Mrs Allen comes with long and thick cloth with scarf on and she still shivering cold. She is seriously ill. Min took her first, leason her story and checked her condition then give her 1g of herbal powder drink down with hot water. 20 minutes later, she start take off cloth… one by one, sit there for 2hrs, she has back to normal temperture¬† normal cloth. follow up with 7 days herb. Back to the specialist 2 weeks time and that was the first time got told her baby heartbits are normal. She had a beatiful baby. Little longer than a year, she fell pregnant again and soon she filling shivering she come to see Min. This time she only took 4 days herbs. Happy with two new babies.

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