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Welcome to The Health Place website, where we help people find effective natural health treatments and products quickly and easily.

The Health Place website is an online directory of fully qualified health professionals who are experts in their field as well as a list of high quality natural health products for many different ailments. This directory ensures that our website visitors find the most effective services and treatments available for their particular health condition as quickly as possible.

One reason for developing this website was that in the past, we have had many clients tell us about their bad experiences visiting doctors for various health problems. One interesting case involved an elderly gentleman who was recommended for acupuncture treatment with a local doctor for shoulder pain. After 8 treatments the gentleman was still in terrible pain. Then one of our clinic staff suggested the man see another doctor who has specialized training in treating shoulder pain. After just one treatment the shoulder pain was almost completely gone. So being referred to the right doctor can save patients a lot of needless suffering, time, and money.

In another case, a client of ours went to visit a doctor for nasal symptoms and sneezing and was completely misdiagnosed with an infection. After many months on antibiotics and no improvement, the client visited another more experienced doctor. The correct diagnosis of hay fever allergy was then given and anti-allergy medication was prescribed. The person felt better within just a couple of days. Once again, visiting the right doctor can make all the difference to your health condition being treated quickly and correctly.

Therefore the health place website offers an efficient way for people to connect with the right doctor or product for their specific health condition.

To search for health treatment services and products simply type your health complaint into the search bar. You will then be shown a list of practitioners who provide treatments for that particular condition on the left side of the page as well as the most relevant products to use on the right side. For all listed products you will also be provided with a list of clinics or retail outlets that stock the products.

We aim to bring many specialist practitioners together, sharing their knowledge and clinical experience on The Health Place website. These health experts will be located throughout Australia, and later on, around the world. Our vision is to quickly connect you to a number of these health specialists who can treat your particular condition and are close to your home.

Receive an instant notification on our promotions and special offers to save you money by clicking on the “Join Us” tab. Also if you decide to register with us please let us know on the form below what health condition you would like attended to so that we can better assist you with the right treatment service, product, or article. We also plan to provide online webinars hosted by professionals in their field so as to directly connect you with a health service or product provider. Otherwise, feel free to browse for health treatments and products on The Health Place website. We’re here to help you, or someone you know, who is unwell.

Thank you for visiting The Health Place website. Your health is your wealth.



The health place website’s advantage for clinics and retail outlets is its unique online marketing strategy. The owners of this website have operated many businesses over the last 25 years. One of their more recently developed companies called Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics is a great example of how an effective online marketing model was able to grow this relatively new business from one clinic into 3 clinics in just a few years.

By joining forces with an online services company called Intesols –Intelligent Online Solutions, Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics (AHSC) were able to develop an online marketing strategy, using SEO and Google Adword marketing, that took their website to the first page of Google.

Using the already proven successful strategies of AHSC, the health place website will implement the same online marketing system to launch their services and products onto the Australian market. Therefore we are very confident of our continued business success and would like to take this opportunity to invite clinics and retail outlets to join us.


We have 4 x SEO online marketing packages available for healthcare practitioners. One is free and should start to bring you more customers from your local area within about 12 months. The other packages are $50, $60and $75 per month and will deliver you even more business much more quickly. So why not partner with us by registering and choosing one of these SEO packages. We want your business on the first page of a Google search by one of your potential customers. This will make it easier for customers to find you. Our success means helping you increase your sales.



As previously mentioned our company owners have a long history of doing business in Australia. Back in 2005 we created and distributed a publication called the Health Place Magazine to many retail outlets that stocked our products at the time.

We also held a number of live promotional events at the same time. For example in Sydney during December 2005 we arranged a function attended by 600 people and our health product partner companies gave away over $50,000 worth of products. Then in Melbourne in March 2006 we had 450 attendees and gave away more than $30,000 in health products.

Today with more advanced online technology, live promotions, and printed advertising are no longer necessary. Instead, we can now arrange online marketing through specific keyword customer searches as well as webinars for potential customers interested in learning more about certain health treatments and products. This could be a great opportunity for clinics and retail outlets to market themselves to an online audience in a live format where customers can ask questions and learn more about the services and products that you provide.

The Health Place website idea started about 15 years ago using a previous website called At that time we had around 7000 visitors to the website per month continually for many years who searched for Chinese Medicine Doctors, health products, and health articles. This website was all in Chinese and we still had so many visitors from Chinese people living in Australia. So we believe with our new The Health Place website being in English with the ability for customers to also use Google Translate, the monthly visitors can be much more than our previous website. It’s a great opportunity for clinics and retail outlets. We hope you decide to join us and obtain the benefit of our experience and expertise in online marketing for health treatments and products.