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The Health Place was established in December, 2006, to meet a growing need in the community for effective, natural health products. The company is owned and managed by Louis Lu, a successful businessman with almost twenty years experience.

Australia Dragon Company trading as NUHAIR
ABN: 30 078 326 986

Professor Zhao is the Chinese inventor of 101 Hair Products. In China, he and his hair products are household names. During Dr. Zhao's first Australian visit in April 1997, Professor Zhao appointed Mr. Lu's company, Australian Dragon Co. Pty. Ltd. trading as NUHAIR, as his sole sales agent for 101 Hair Products in Australia. It was soon after Professor Zhao's visit that Mr. Lu left other business interests and concentrated solely on promoting 101 Hair Products.

NUHAIR promotes 101 Hair Products locally through Health Food Shops (over 200), Chinese Medical Centres, Hairdressers and Chemists. There have been many satisfied customers to date. We also promote 101 Hair Products through our website at

Below: Mr. Lu (standing) with Professor Zhao (centre) during Dr. Zhao's first visit to Melbourne, Australia, in April, 1997.
Mr Lu Gang with Professor Zuang Guang Zhao in Melbourne

Letter of Appointment Left: As this "Letter of Appointment" denotes, Mr. Lu holds the exclusive rights to sell 101 Hair & Skin Care Products in Australia.

More About The Famous, Dr. Zhao ...

In 1968, Professor Zuang Guang Zhao committed his life to developing the world's most effective, natural hair re-growth tonic after one of his friends experienced severe depression over losing their hair.

Today, Professor Zhao's 101 Group company manages three factories in China and employs over three thousand workers. His 101 Hair and Skin Care Products are available in over 40 countries worldwide.

Professor Zuang Guang Zhao at the decoration awarding ceremony in New York
Above: Professor Zhang Guang Zhao after being awarded the only Gold Medal at the 14th World Inventions Fair in New York, USA in1991.

In China, Professor Zhao is considered a pioneer using modern scientific knowledge and Traditional Chinese Medicine to create his unique hair re-growth tonic. To date, he has helped over 5 million Chinese with their hair loss problem. In 1993, Professor Zhao was elected as a member of the Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and a representative of the Eighth National People's Congress. 101 Hair Products have been highly praised at major international fairs and expos throughout the world. 101 Hair Products have won ten first place awards at such events.

Certificate of Nuhair
101 trademark certificate
Above: NUHAIR's Certificate of Registration
Above: Certificate of Registration of the 101 Logo

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